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40 cm


Distance from the camera

Take the photo from a distance of about 20 inches from your face. Ideally, the photo should be taken by a second person, but we can also handle a selfie.

Face in front of the camera
Left profile picture


Face in front of the camera

Place your face in front of the lens and keep a neutral expression on your face. Hold the camera at face height.

Face in front of the camera
Face in front of the camera


Uniform lighting

Just stand facing a light source such as an exposed window. Don't worry about the background.

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Photographs for documents have official requirements concerning, among other things, size. Using our service you have a guarantee of acceptance or refund of double your money.




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2 in




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1.29 in

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U.S. passport photo


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Totally worth the small fee! I’m tech savvy and kept trying to edit/format my US visa photo myself - my own software was getting frustrating so I turned to Google to find help. The most value is in the human checker. I thought my initial pic would work, but they weren’t 100% confident and handled further edits without me needing to do a thing or pay more $. Needless to say, my US visa photo is accepted and looks nice!


This is awesome! I was just googling where to get US visa photos done and then came across this website. What a fantastic idea! I loved this website and it was easy to use and the photo checking service was so quick! I have never applied for a visa before, but this photo tool made it easy to finish the application. Thank you so much!

Mackenzie MacDonald

Got done with my US visa photo in 5 mins and I didn’t have to step out. Saved me a trip to the studio! They did a slight correction on the pic to adhere to U.S. visa standards, got the corrected pic within 5 mins through email!


Questions and answers

You can just take a digital photo online and adapt it to the requirements with our U.S. visa photo app.

Passport photo

up to date information

U.S. Visa Photo

The application form for a U.S. visa requires you to attach 2 (two) identical photos (2 x 2 inches), taken according to very strict parameters set by the USCIS. Taking photos under such constraints requires using some specific techniques; however, with a few simple tricks, you can easily take them at home.

If you plan to send in a visa application, follow our instructions to take a perfect U.S. visa photo without any special equipment or skills.

U.S. visa photo requirements

The photo specifications for a U.S. visa are set to allow the authorities to collect biometric data from the picture, and to identify foreign citizens automatically. So, these rules regulate not only the size and resolution of the image you need for a visa application form, but also a long list of other elements regarding the setting and the appearance of visa applicants.

So, for your convenience, we have divided all characteristics of a U.S. visa photo template according to what they regulate.

U.S. visa photo specifications - dimensions and quality

On the technical side, the USCIS requires all applicants to follow these rules for a photo for a U.S. visa:

  • acceptable dimensions: 2 x 2 inches (51 mm x 51 mm);
  • in full color;
  • high resolution;
  • sharply focused;
  • the head must occupy between 50% and 69% of the total height;
  • taken within the last 6 (six) months;
  • showing natural skin tone;
  • printed on photo quality paper;
  • without photo editing;
  • no marks or creases.

Photo requirements for a U.S. visa - setting

Preparing the right setting for a visa photo for the U.S. is very important. The balance of the lights, the background, and other elements are strictly regulated by visa photo guidelines. Specifically, the authorities require:

  • a uniform white background;
  • full visibility of your facial features;
  • even lighting;
  • no other objects in the frame.

U.S. visa photo requirements - applicant’s appearance

When visa applicants make a photo for a U.S. visa, they need to be especially careful about their appearance in the image, to allow the capture of biometric data. So, the USCIS has compiled this list of requirements for visa photos:

  • your head has to be centered;
  • your eyes need to be directed toward the camera;
  • you have to maintain a neutral facial expression;
  • both eyes fully open and mouth closed;
  • you are not allowed to wear glasses;
  • no wireless hands-free devices;
  • no visible accessories;
  • head covering is only accepted for religious or medical reasons (with a signed letter or a medical statement signed by a doctor);
  • hearing devices are allowed;
  • no uniforms or camouflage attires;religious clothing is allowed if worn daily;
  • jewelry and facial piercings are allowed, but it's advisable to take them off.

If you are wearing religious headwear or jewelry, be careful that there are no shadows or glares on your face. Photo standards for a U.S. visa require your facial features to be fully visible.

How to take a U.S. visa photo at home

Today you only need a digital camera or a smartphone to take a 2 x 2 photo for a U.S. visa at home. With a few simple techniques, you can take a biometric photo conveniently wherever you want.

The first step in creating a U.S. visa photo is finding the right place. Standing in front of a window is generally the best way to make use of natural light. Wait for the sun to be not completely direct and prepare the camera for the visa picture.

Face the window and set up your device roughly 2 (two) meters from you, by using a tripod or asking someone else to take the photo for you. Make sure you are closely following U.S. visa photo requirements and stand still.

Once you have your picture, you need to format it according to U.S. visa photo size requirements.

U.S. visa photo tool

How to crop a photo for a U.S. visa? With our software, you can perfect your visa photo online in just a few clicks. Thanks to the advanced artificial intelligence system, our app can get you through the whole process smoothly, using only your smartphone.

Upload your digital photograph and select the document you need. In just 3 (three) seconds, our U.S. visa photo validator online will crop the image to the required size. The system will also get rid of the background, removing any objects or patterns and setting it to plain white.

More than that, with our app you can check your U.S. visa photo online according to the official standards. We can even correct many possible mistakes, balancing out the light and removing small details. If the AI gives you the all-clear, you have a 100% guarantee of compliance with the guidelines. It can detect even the smallest mistake!

You have an existing photo you think could work? Upload it to our U.S. visa photo tool online to know for sure!

You can go ahead and take as many photo shots as you need–you only pay for the ones you decide to use.

After you get a perfect biometric photo, you can download the digital image on the spot or have the physical photo shipped to you.

With us, you'll spend up to 40% less than the average price for a visa application photo, in the comfort of your home and without special equipment.